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Rainforest Rum Cakes

Welcome to Tropicakes and Rainforest Rum Cakes, the Original Rum Cake of Costa Rica. Our passion and love for Rum Cakes, the amazing Rainforests and Costa Rica have resulted in creating our unique Rum Cake recipes and offering them to you.

You will find our Original Blend, Chocolate Mocha, and Natural Coconut Rum Cakes in Costa Rica’s fine resort retail stores, specialty shops and in the airport gift shops. We also offer you our full product line through our on-line store.

We take great pride in blending only the best natural ingredients with true Costa Rican rum to create these mouth watering, delicious treats. We are also proud to contribute proceeds from the sale of every Rum Cake to preserve Costa Rica's rainforests. We strongly believe in protecting and restoring this precious natural resource for our current and future generations to enjoy.

We welcome your comments, thoughts and suggestions. Thank you for visiting our site and for your business.

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How we make our Rainforest Rum Cakes